Thursday, 21 September 2017

Judge Dredd Megazine #388 plus

The latest issue of the Judge Dredd Megazine hits the newsagents this week with all the usual Judge Dredd goodness and this time "collateral damage" by the Judges comes under scrutiny.

Acceptable losses or not. Should you decide, or leave it to the Judges?

Meanwhile the Judges face a threat from the Cursed Earth in the form of a secret society. Can Judge Anderson win this battle?

Meanwhile the Vatican's favourite vampire makes a return to the forbidden library in a search for his brother whose debts have caught up with him.

Devlin Waugh is back.

Plus the final instalment of the movie orientated Dredd story whilst the Dark Judges cause murder and mayhem in outer space....

This months classic supplement features a number of "What happened to.." stories including the fate of Dredds much abused housekeeper...........

Oh and of course this weeks 2000AD is out with all current storylines concluding in preparation for next week's bumper jump-on issue! Find out the final fate of the Apocalypse Crew!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

TV Comic & Target #1393 (1978)

Launched in 1951 TV Comic was a long running comic (published for 33 years until 1984) absorbing a couple of other titles during its lifetime. One of these was the short lived Target which merged with TV Comic in August 1978 after just 19 issues.

Never a priority on my reading list, especially at this late date the merger like the Target comic itself completely bypassed me in the late seventies. In fact the merged TV Comic with Target only ran as a headline for 7 issues as the comic reverted to simply TV Comic from #1401.


Aimed at slightly younger readers TV Comic added Kojac, Charlie's Angels and Target to it's existing lineup which included Doctor Who (in his Tom Baker incarnation), Basil Brush and Bugs Bunny amongst others.

TV Comic struggled on for a few more years with a format change later on but like so many British comics fell to declining sales. One of many titles that simply ended as there was nothing left to merge it with.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Target #1 1978

Launched as a companion title to the long running TV Comic, Target hit the newsagents in April 1978. Aimed at a slightly older audience Target contained a number comic strips based on high profile American & British TV shows.

With Charlie's Angels, Kojak and Cannon plus Hackett what else could a young teenager want from a TV comic. The answer isn't hard to find. Besides having quite boring covers and very low production values it was no match for ITV's Look In which frankly outshone all the remaining TV related comic magazines at the time.

Target lasted just 19 issues before being merged with TV Comic.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Marvel-Two-In-One Returns

Marvel Two-in-One #1 lenticular cover

One of my favourite ever Marvel Comics titles, Marvel Two-In-One returns with a whole new number one in December. Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm join forces to seek and find Reed & Sue Richards. Doctor Doom is hiding a secret and the re-uniting of two of the Fantastic Four can't be a bad thing!

I haven't ordered a Marvel title since the Fantastic Four ended its long run. Marvel obviously realises that their universe is missing something and that something is it's first family. I eagerly await the return of a full FF comic.

One thing is certain. The Richards and their kids ain't dead not that any of us really believed that..did we?

In the meantime the adventure begins with The Thing & The Human Torch exploring different universes and hopefully will lead to a proper restoration of a Marvel Universe that respects its legacy as much as DC has shown in Re-birth.

Oh and did I mention a lenticular cover.



Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Thing is Big Ben Summer Special (Marvel UK/1984)

The Thing (a.k.a Benjamin Grimm) of the Fantastic Four is one of my favourite Marvel comic book characters and when he got his team-up series in the form of Marvel Two-In-One it became a must grab when it appeared on the newsagents shelves.

As a result I completely overlooked this Marvel UK comic when it was released. In part because I had already got or read the stories and I felt the tile was, well a bit childish. Couldn't they have come up with something better. It sounded more like a preschool title than a mainstream superhero comic.

Fast forward to today and having restarted collecting comics and taking much more of an interest in Marvel UK's output than I did at the time I thought I'd pick up a well preserved copy from my local comic shop. After all it was just four quid!

Unlike earlier Marvel UK editions this was not just in full (over-sized) colour but had a nice cardstock cover. Oddly this was printed in Hungary.

There's just the one Thing story which is a team-up with Modred the Mystic and a guest appearance by an early version of Spider-Woman hailing from Marvel Two-In-One #33.


The rest of the Summer Special is taken up with early adventures of the X-Men in a story Computo, written by Stan Lee and drawn by Arnold Drake finished off with another X-related story Female of the Species which focuses on Jean Grey in her younger Marvel Girl guise.

The Thing is Big Ben ran for just 18 issues with the one Summer Special.


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Thor #200 (Marvel/1972)

Thor #200 (Marvel Comics)

Stan Lee (w) John Buscema (a)

From the earlier days of Marvel and before anniversary issues became oversized and expensive hails the "200th" issue of Thor. I use inverted commas as the numbering continues from Journey Into Mystery, they simply changed the name of the comic.

Thor actually began in Journey into Mystery #83 and immediately became a big hit with the name change taking place with #126. However all the numbering shenanigans aside this is a great story that foretell the final stand of the Asgardian Gods in Beware..this be Ragnarok .

Now in #199 Thor is actually at the mercy of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld (or one of them anyway)and he's about to die until the hands of the Norn sisters intervene in order to put history right and weave the tale in between.

Great issue, classic Marvel which despite the company's return to "legacy numbering" remains in the past. Today's Marvel comics might make good films but I for one find their current output underwhelming.


Monday, 4 September 2017

September Previews Picks!


The latest issue of Previews hit the comic shops this week and with it one of the most anticipated DC Crossover events since, well whenever. The Watchmen enter the DC Universe. Doc Manhattan is here but is he really the threat? And how come Rorschach is still alive.  We have been waiting for this story since Rebirth began.


There's also a groovy 3D cover with the "Rorschach" blot turning into DC Icons. Not often I order more than one cover but what the heck. Doomsday Clock will hopefully will rival Crisis on Infinite Earths in scope.

The epic Batman-centric Metal event continues with #4 and a few crossovers and The Jetsons are back in a new series. Might just get the first issue of that one.

Dark Horse have decided to re-release Mike Mignola's Jenny Finn in colour. Not sure why. This will be at least the third time it's seen print. I have the first two issues from Oni Press lurking around somewhere and another publisher finished it off though I'm damned if I can remember who.

Actually it is well worth reading but black & white suits the mood of the book better in my opinion.


Meanwhile Archie continue their reinvention of their characters as Betty and Veronica become....Biker Girls? Gotta give them credit. Not for me but next month Archie will be soliciting The Mighty Crusaders, now that is more to my liking.

I just hope they get the scheduling right. Irregular publishing ruined both their Horror and Dark Circle lines which started off so strongly and then just disappeared.


Nest up from Rebellion (publishers of 2000AD) comes Misty (Volume 2). Horror stories aimed at girls but really should be read by boys as well!!

To be honest not much else caught my eye this month though Titan brings out Dan Dare #2. You can probably still back order #1 from your local comic shop.


And in the magazine section (even though it's a comic) you will find the latest issue of The Creeps from Warrant Publishing. Horror in the Warren tradition. Please support this great title. Last of it's kind!